Have a look at what we have done

Since June 2022, we have been using Meltio Space to manufacture every part at Meltio’s headquarters where we have 4 different robot cells (Kuka, ABB, Meltio Robot Cell), all being programmed only with Meltio Space.

Meltio Integrators around the world are using Meltio Space to develop their own applications and geometries, using also Fanuc and Yaskawa Robots.

Empower Yourself

Optimize the performance of the Meltio Engine by fine-tuning process parameters for enhanced efficiency and output via:

Automated process parametrization selecting only Geometry, Quality and Materials

Wide selection of Slicing Strategies for industrial use

Combine and Sequence 10 different Slicing Strategies, developed based on Meltio’s experience since 2021 on only one manufacturing program.

Get Meltio Space!

Meltio Space first-year subscription is bundled with every new Meltio Engine purchase, current Meltio Engine customers can enjoy also a year license with the purchase of the Meltio Space training program on Meltio Academy (unique fee of 2.000€) which includes:

  • Specific Training Courses
  • Daily Consultory
  • Weekly interactive live webinars
  • The training program will have constant updates and new content from Meltio Specialists

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