Metal 3D Printing Applications

From lab research to part replacement, Meltio enables applications across industrial prototyping, mold and die, one-offs, short runs, mass manufacturing, maintenance and repair.

SS316L – Combustion Chamber

Size: 11x11x17cm
Weight: 4,88kg
Print Time: 27h 30min
Print Cost: 97,09€

SS316L – Glass Mold Core

Size: 15,8x79,3x144,3cm
Weight: 5,97kg
Print Time: 30h 12min
Print Cost: 100,74€

In718 – Gas Turbine Fan Blade

Size: 3,5x7,5x13,5cm
Weight: 1,11kg
Print Time: 3h 10min
Print Cost: 67,85€

Ti64 – Watch Bezels

Size: 45x53x11mm (each)
Weight: 25,98g
Print Time: 56min (each)
Print Cost: 5,18€ (each)

SS308 – Spline Shaft

Size: 13,2x13,2x19,3cm
Weight: 6,6kg
Print Time: 30h
Print Cost: 107,44€

Ti64 – Knee Implant

Size: 9,9x7,7x5,1cm
Weight: 0,41kg
Print Time: 1h 53min
Print Cost: 38,32€

SS316L – Airfoil Cooling Blade

Size: 20x15,2x5,5cm
Weight: 0.52kg
Print Time: 3h 50min
Print Cost: 11,62€

Ti64 – Aircraft Engine Mount

Size: 9,6x9,6x21,6cm
Weight: 502g
Print Time: 3h 50min
Print Cost: 50,86€

SS316L – Injection Mold Half

Size: 14x14x29,7cm
Weight: 15kg
Print Time: 70h
Print Cost: 245,53€

SS316L – Mining Drill Bit

Size: 9,7x9,6x9,1cm
Weight: 3kg
Print Time: 10h 5min
Print Cost: 48,33€

SS316L – Piston Prototype

Size: 2,9x2,9x5,2cm
Weight: 0,76kg
Print Time: 3h 30min
Print Cost: 12,34€

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