A new world of industrial possibilities translated into new applications

Fully dense metal parts for different industrial

For the first time the market has a technology capable of manufacturing parts with low cost of production and enough speed and efficiency to be competitive against traditional methods, either by substituting or by complementing them.

Competitive advantages

Manufacturing with multiple materials in one single part

Possibility of manufacturing with metallic wire and powder with the same machine

Integration of additive manufacturing with other fabrication methods such as CNC, robots and gantry systems

This allows the use of LMD technology for the following applications


For the first time in history there is a technology capable of competing with the traditional methods of casting without the need for molds or tools, directly with metal additive manufacturing, thanks to reduced cost and versatility of Meltio’s 3EMD Solutions.


Metal technology has rarely been succesful in this application, due to its high costs of investment and production and difficulties in installation. Meltio’s LMD technology is the first to offer an accesible technology to manufacture final or near-final parts able to replace traditional rapid manufacturing methods for short and medium series.


Manufacture in minutes the piece that breaks at the most inopportune moment. Avoid the outdated practice of buying, storing and sending parts to the repair site.


LMD enables the development of welding & cutting applications with an ROI never seen in the industry, thanks to Meltio’s worldwide patent based on the use of laser technology.


LMD allows to manufacture parts with metals
such as steel, titanium, Inconel, tungsten and more, at lower prices than what were previously possible, with 100% part density, helping us to avoid overstocking tools.


The use of different novel materials allows the development of new thermodynamic applications with special materials, such as molds, heat exchangers and dies, where requirements and temperature changes are a key factor.


One of the largest applications of additive
manufacturing in its multiple technological variants. Meltio’s LMD technology is ideal for making parts in their intended end use material and with full density.


With Meltio’s LMD it is possible to obtain parts without size limitation and with different materials in the same part. This makes it the right technology for automotive applications (energy absorbtion, controlled deformation, weight reduction, etc.), and makes it also suitable for substituting standard parts (casted or machined) in a more cost-effective model.


In addition to additive manufacturing, LMD
technology allows the repair of parts and modifications in their functionality, thanks to the use of different materials in the same piece to achieve different thermal and mechanical properties.


LMD technology allows manufacturing pre-finished
parts. This way the machining process is greatly optimized in time, material and cost.


LMD technology enables custom titanium parts to
be manufactured with cost and production times efficient enough to be the world’s standard implant manufacturing technology.


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