šŸŽ¤ Presented by our Head of R&D, Lukas Hoppe.

    During this insightful webinar, you will learn more about combining mechanical properties with surface finish for wire-laser metal 3d printing.

    Join Lukas Hoppe, R&D Manager at Meltio, responsible for the development of the core technology of the Meltio products. Prior to Meltio, he worked developing the forerunners of what was to become the Meltio laser wire deposition system.

    During the webinar, our speaker will cover:

    • Get to know Meltio.
    • Discover the machines manufactured by Meltio.
    • Explore the materials Meltio works with.
    • Find out which parameters are sent to the machine to print, always based on the material and the part.
    • Know the specific printing profiles and parameters used for a given material.
    • Learn more about the fields for which the parts are intended.
    • Get a first-hand look at future projects.

    Lukas Hoppe

    Head of R&D

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