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Check out on how Meltio can take your business to the next level of additive manufacturing.

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Additive Manufacturing Companie

Meltio 3D.

Meltio is the first additive manufacturing platform allowing customers to fabricate 3D parts with the highest level of automation and autonomy with the lowest investment and production costs


Metal 3D Printer

Meltio M450.

Metal 3D printing technology in today’s market is in most cases too expensive, too slow, and too complex, until now

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Also known as 3D printing, the additive manufacturing is the first step to industrial production enabling the creation of parts and systems


Additive Manufacturing Definition

A World of New Possibilities.

Additive manufacturing (AM) is the industrial term for applications in technology where a software fabricates a 3D part by depositing materials in layers

Additive Manufacturing Technologies

Meltio's Manufacturing System.

Additive manufacturing technology is the given name by the international F42 committee on additive manufacturing for technologies capable to create 3D objects 

100 x

cheaper than the existing laser fabrication technologies in the market

-100 x

up to 5kg/h, faster than direct competitors in steel or other materials

1 x

office or industry no size limit, and easy installations

Unique With 100% Dense Parts


Metal Additive Manufacturing

Metal 3D Printing.

Additive manufacturing metal is the process which attach metal parts joyning or solidifying raw materials. Metal 3D printers can use a diversity of steps in order to create parts

3D Printing Services

Complementary Solutions.

3D Printing services is the core of our advanced manufacturing process, helping you from concept to final product 

We are developing the best 3D design software to attend our customers needs. Coming Soon ->

Our reverse engineering software and hardware technology helps with accurate measurement reports. See Meltio Scan Offline -> 

Complete online and offline solution for reverse engineering and quality control to ensure safety & performance. See Meltio Scan -> 

3D rapid prototyping industrial FFF printer with dual extrusion manufacturing quickly accurate prototypes. See Meltio F600 -> 

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Lease-to-Own Program

Owning a Meltio M450 metal 3D printer has never been so easy and affordable

You can have a your own metal 3D printer starting from as little as €1600 a month*

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