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Meltio Space is a state-of-the-art toolpath generator software for the Meltio Engine Robot Integration with an easy-to-use interface for planar, non-planar, and variable extrusion toolpaths for the ABB, Kuka, Fanuc, and Yaskawa robots.


Time to break free

A new perspective on 3D printing, specifically for robot systems, by breaking free from the limitations of 3-axis systems by incorporating advanced robotic manipulation capabilities including external axis like workpiece positioners or linear tracks.


Unlock Complex Geometry

Provides diverse toolpath strategies, avoiding limitations and enabling precise movements.

Unparalleled Easy-of-use

User-friendly interface with fully functional printing strategies pre-defined to exploit Meltio LMD capabilities.

Reduce Programming Time

Ensures accurate printing through virtual robot movement simulation and collision checks.

Best Value for Money

Combines affordability, advanced capabilities, and a user-friendly interface, maximizing investment and project outcomes.

Automated process parametrization

Optimize the performance of the Meltio Engine by fine-tuning process parameters for enhanced efficiency.

Automated process parametrization when defining only the Geometry (Solid or Hollow), the desired Quality (Utility or Fully Dense), and the Material.

This is defined automatically on Meltio Space:

  • Deposition Height and Widths
  • Material Selection (Dual Wire)
  • Overlaps, Infill Type, Infill Density and Angles, Seam
  • Speeds (Perimeters, infill, and travel speeds)

And also defines on Meltio Engine:

  • Laser Power, Feeder Speed, and Argon Flow


Meltio Space Slicing Strategies


More than 10 Slicing Strategies for industrial use

Combine and sequence different Slicing Strategies on only one manufacturing program, developed specifically for robot systems based on Meltio’s experience.

Planar Strategies

Conventional 3-axis slicing, horizontal or angled with up to two materials in the same process, limited by maximum overhang angle.

Ideal for simple geometries like pistons, drill bits, cranks, molds with internal conformal cooling channels, and differential growth heat exchangers.

Non-planar or Freeform based strategies

Cladding or coat single and double curvature surfaces and freeform surfaces with the strongest and high wear resistance materials.

Recover the life of dies and molds, as well as knives and or any worn part using just the necessary amount of material, with the best properties.

Add features or repairs on top of any surface like reinforcements, brackets, blades, teeth.

Radial strategies

Add features on bars or rods of your desired material and avoid machining large volumes of material, recommended for propellers (blades can be solid or hollow), camshafts, screw compressors, and mixers.

Coat, clad, or repair shafts and bars with the highest material properties.

Strategies for Revolved Surfaces

Manufacture rotary symmetrical parts like rocket nozzles, vases, spherical, and cylindrical tanks with your desired thickness and the best surface quality with this slicing that follows the geometry.

Advanced Variable Deposition Strategies

Manufacture directly on top of flanges different curved pipes and manifolds without the need to depend on standard curvature radii to fit properly your design.

Admits also has pipes and manifolds with variable diameters along the part.

Meltio Space Advantages


No previous expertise in robotics or programming is required thanks to a modern interface built specifically for wire-DED and robots.


Multiple slicing options including variable deposition to address a wide variety of geometries with very fast calculation of complex toolpaths.


Meltio Space offers its users a diverse range of post-processors for the most popular robot brands, including predefined options such as: ABB (IO), ABB (OPC), ABB (Socket), KUKA (IO), FANUC (IO), YASKAWA (IO).

Investment Protection

Low capital and running costs. Includes continuous updates and predefined robot kinematic libraries.


High success rate thanks to its kinematic model able to detect collisions along part creation even with part itself.

Tuned to Meltio LMD

A comprehensive set of advanced features to use Wire-LMD options like Dual Wire printing.

Technical Specifications

Key Features

Allowed files

The software covers the entire workflow, right from importing the geometry to exporting the planned as a robot programs.

Robot kinematics and postprocessors for ABB, KUKA, FANUC and Yaskawa

Robot and Positioners Library
Open and Save projects as well as cell configurations
Import of STEP files and common mesh-based formats;
Import trajectories *.gcode / .dat / .src / .json

Part transformations

Mesh Tools

Scale, rotate, translate, and snap a part surface to build area
Edit Part (simple geometries)
Align with other geometry
Automated hole filling and removing self intersections
Offsetting of mesh surfaces
Boolean operations – Union, subtraction and intersection

Meltio Space Webinar

During this insightful webinar, you will learn more about Meltio Space, our new tailor-made 3D printing software capable of removing key barriers to metal 3D printing adoption in the industry.


Metal 3D Printing Experiences

Miguel Peñaranda

Additive Manufacturing Engineer / K3D

” We chose the Meltio product because we found the best balance between high deposition rates and good quality for the task at hand.

Meltio represents for us the right balance between a high deposition speed as well as a high printing size with the best feasible quality or resolution. „

K3D is a Dutch Service Bureau that prints different parts for end-users across various industries using a Meltio M450 and a Meltio Engine Robot Integration.

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