Meltio’s public launch at Formnext was a blast!

Now that we’ve had time to assimilate all what happened at Formnext, we can say that the official presentation of Meltio to global market has been a success. Meltio’s booth at the biggest additive manufacturing tradeshow in the world has captured the attention of hundreds of attenddees, who have noticed the uniqueness of our exclusive metal fabrication technology.

Most of the global team of Meltio from Europe and United States was present at the event, where logically our metal devices (Meltio M450 and Meltio Engine) were the most commented products. 

But that wasn’t the only thing that Meltio brought to Germany, because the stand also showcased a good example of the rest of our portfolio of solutions: our FFF 3D printer Meltio F600 and the 3D scanner Meltio Scan Offline for reverse engineering applications.


Thank you to all the attenddees and customers that came to our booth and also to everyone that made this worldwide launch possible. We are really grateful for your excellent reception.

Let’s stay in contact! Follow our Youtube channel and our Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to stay tuned for more information.

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