Meet the M450

Introduction to the technology

Meet the Meltio M450, a small-footprint 3D metal printer packing a big punch #Metal3dprinter. Created with industry 4.0 in mind, this cutting-edge machine is capable of printing small to medium sized metal parts at amazing speeds and with best in class resolution.

The M450 is an industry first. Meltio’s patented multi-laser LMD technology allows the M450 to do things no other metal 3D printer is capable of, including printing in both metallic wire and powder in the same machine. Get to know the M450 with some facts and features:

o The M450 is named after its internal build volume 150x200x450mm.

o The M450 was launched in November at Formnext 2019
o Though only 5 months old, the M450 boasts over 4 years of intense research and development.
o Built upon the tried and tested DED and LMD technologies the M450 expands upon them by taking a multi laser approach allowing for much higher flexibility, speed, precision, and accuracy.

Place of origin
o Created and developed in Las Vegas, Nevada -USA
o Manufactured inLinares, Jaen – Spain.

Contact Information
o +34 953 888 089
o [email protected]



• Meltio’s 3E Metal Deposition technology is based on 3 basic principles.

 The easiest to use metal deposition technology on the market.
 Affordable price point makes the M450 easy to acquire, even for small businesses.
 Easy to operate. High connectivity can be controlled via tablet or computer through a local wireless network or via Ethernet connection.

 Material efficiency using wire deposition is 100%.

 Meltio’s patented multi-laser LMD technology allows the user to upgrade the system’s lasers to allow for a variable in both print speed and power.

• The first metal 3D printer that produces fully dense parts in a one-step process that is clean, compact, and safe to use in an office environment.

• Capable of building metal parts from both wire and powder in the same machine, by using a patented multi-laser technology.

• Prints using metal wire, metal powder, or both simultaneously without changing the nozzle or reconfiguring.

• Able to use different types of wire materials simultaneously (within the same section).

• Can produce complex metallic components from both wire and powder feedstock.

• The ability to produce parts from wire makes operation and material handling very clean.

• Printing while using different materials simultaneously grants the ability to mix alloys on the fly.

• Capable of printing end use parts WITHOUT additional post processing, in a significant number of cases, which means saving time and money.


Small, but powerful and scalable

• Small but with a powerful core:
o Machine dimensions are, 550mmx600mmx1400 mm.
o Print envelope is 150mmx200mmx450 mm.
o Variable number of lasers per head. Between 3 and 6
o Scalable laser power from 600w to 1.2Kw.
o Solid state diode laser.

• Small footprint, easy installation and controlled atmosphere makethe M450 suitable for desktop environments, without the typical hassle of common and bulky industrial hardware.

• Low-entrycosts, affordable metal additive manufacturing.
o Competitive in price to allow for easy acquisition for businesses of all sizes.
o Compatible with almost any commercially available metal wire and powder in the market.
o The cost of both the equipment and spare parts is substantially lower in comparison to competing technologies.
o Material cost and usage aremuch lower than in powder bed fusion processes.


 Automatic fabrication, fully dense parts.
 Autonomous process, ten times faster.
 Affordable cost, ten times cheaper.

As you can see, the M450 is quite impressive. Check it out for yourself and learn more details about the exciting tech Meltio has to offer.

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