Laser Metal Deposition.

Meltio Engine is a sophisticated and powerful device which enables 3D printing of full density metal parts with CNC machines, robots, and gantry systems.

Directed Energy Deposition

Direct energy deposition uses an additive manufacturing process similar to the process used in welding but in this case for printing parts with a high material deposition rate. The energy sources that this system can use to melt the material for the printing of the pieces can be various such as, for example, electric arc, laser plasma or electron beam.

Advanced Laser-Metal Deposition

Patented multi-laser design capable of simultaneous wire and powder feed. Its highly compact deposition head (150mm W/D x 265mm H) controls the material feed presure with high power 6-laser options

Hybrid Manufacturing

Hybrid manufacturing is the combination of two technologies in the same system so that they work simultaneously. What is achieved with this, since it is possible to reduce costs, times since it is in the same machine as well as risks since the operator only has to pick up the part once it is finished and is not exposed to any risk.

Powering Metal Additive Manufacturing

The only commercially available powder and wire laser metal deposition engine. Extremely powerful with up to 6Kw laser power and hot-wire feed option. Low retail price starting at 1/3 ti 1/6 of competing systems which do not offer the same range of features

Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies

Hybrid manufacturing technologies seek to capture and combine the strengths of additive manufacturing (3D printing) with the traditional CNC / subtractive machining, to create a single manufacturing workflow that effectively uses both at once. In short, hybrid Manufacturing combines the best features of traditional subtractive machining with 3D printing, or additive manufacturing.

Hybrid Manufacturing Systems

Meltio offers a wide range of hybrid manufacturing systems powered by its Engine technology. Customers can select a CNC mill. Meltio performs seamless integration. Customer prints using metal wire and/or powder. Ideal for 3D parts or repair of machined parts

Hybrid Additive Manufacturing

No manufacturing process alone is sufficient to solve every problem.  3D printing still has many limits in terms of usable materials and manufacturing precision in strict tolerance design situations. Hybrid manufacturing systems seek to bridge that gap by finding ways to use 3D printing and CNC together on a single platform, in a single holistic design approach.

Robotic Additive Manufacturing Systems

Meltio engine is designed for versatile robotic integrations. Customer selects from a wide range of robotics. Meltio performs engine integration. Enables printing, repair or cladding of parts using metal wire and/or power. Provides capability for large format printing in multiple axes