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Meltio’s Partner Ecosystem

Meltio’s Partner Ecosystem

A collaborative network of businesses, suppliers, vendors, and service providers who work together to create a comprehensive and integrated solution for the metal 3D printing industry.



Mid-size business in Additive Manufacturing selling through its own distribution network. Will be responsible for introducing the Meltio brand in a territory.



System Integration

Small and specialized engineering companies that integrate systems developed by third parties on a project-by-project basis.


Component Suppliers

For large, complex parts, laser cladding, and repairing.

Unis & Tech Centers


Meltio’s technology is the perfect allied to develop new projects, applications, and research in Universities and Tech Centers.


Software Partners

Open Platform

Meltio provides an open platform for software that meets a variety of industrial application demands as well as proprietary software tailored to the wire-laser metal 3D printing process which is seamlessly integrated with Meltio’s hardware and material portfolio.


Robot Integration

For large, complex parts, laser cladding, and repairing.


Metal 3D Printing Experiences

Gary Williams

Professor / Activate Learning

” We chose the Meltio basically because of what it provides. So as long as you can weld the material, we can 3D print it and there’s no extra process after the 3D print. You’re left with a 3D print that you can then machine using a CNC.”

“The other systems that we looked at required processing of the 3D print, which was costly to get your finished print.

Activate Learning is an education provider in the UK.

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