CNC Requirements for Meltio Engine Integration

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The minimum requirements for a successful integration of the Meltio Engine with a CNC are:

  • The spindle motors can handle an additional 30 kg of weight added to the spindle tower.
  • On the left or right side of the spindle tower, the deployment mechanism that is of size 265 mm by 320 mm by 672 mm can be mounted without collision. Modifications can be made to limit switches and the machine enclosure to ensure there are no collisions.
  • The CNC needs to have at least five unused Machine code-controlled relays, to control the basic functions of the Meltio Engine. Preferably with the option to trigger and leave on a relay, trigger on waiting for a handshake signal to continue in the program, and to turn off a signal. Standard M-codes for a Haas CNCs are the M59, M29, and M69 commands. The first relay is used as a confirmation to continue, the second is for alternate signal control, third is the deploy and argon control, the fourth is for laser control, and the fifth is for arming the Meltio Engine to enable any action to trigger from the Engine.
  • A M-code finish signal function, commonly known as a M-fin signal input.
  • The system can be/ is enclosed to where there are no gaps larger than a 3mm (1/8 in), that when looked through would give direct sight of the spindle or where the lasers melt pool would be.
    3mm laser safety windows can be mounted with or in place of current windows. Please note that these windows are not impact resistant. Each window must have an optical density greater than 7 at the laser wavelength (976nm) of the system and is constructed in accordance with DIN – EN 60825-4.
  • The system has door and window switches to recognize when all doors/windows are shut.
  • The system can lock all doors and windows.
  • There is a way using an additional relay or other method, to wire the CNC emergency stop on a separate circuit to the Meltio Engine connection.
  • Room for the engine and 1 meter (3 feet) of clearance, where it will be positioned.

Ideal Requirement for A CNC to be able to integrate with the MELTIO engine;

  • The CNC has eight unused M-code controlled relays.
  • The ability to add a NO relays to the feed hold and feed resume/start buttons.

*The ideal requirement includes the points listed above, with the addition or modifications of the below points.