Advanced Robotics as Meltio’s Official Sales Partner

Mar 4, 2024 | Partnership

Brescia (Italy) and Linares (Spain) – March, 4th, 2024.- Advanced Robotics, and Meltio; a disruptive laser metal deposition technology manufacturer today announced that Advanced Robotics is going to play a key role in the distribution and support of the Meltio metal 3D printing solutions in the Italian market, as an official sales partner.

Meltio offers a pioneering metal 3D printing solution that enables industrial applications with a process built around welding wire, the safest, cleanest, and most affordable metal feedstock in the market.

Advanced Robotics will focus on building a supportive ecosystem for Meltio’s technology in the Italian territory partnering and driving business opportunities alongside technology centers, tooling machine companies, robotic integrators, academia, and industry.

“We are excited about our emerging partnership with Meltio, as this is a landmark moment for the Italian industry. Whether our customer is looking for a conventional 3D metal printer or a printing system integrated with a CNC machine or a robotic arm 3D printing system for industry that seamlessly combines addition and subtraction processes, utilizing the best aspects of both technologies; or prefers integration with a robotic arm for greater freedom in creating large, complex parts and innovative exterior coatings – with Meltio we will fit any of these scenarios. This technology opens up entirely new possibilities in the production of metal parts.” – Luca Verzeletti, Technical Engineer at Advanced Robotics. 


Massimo Petrusa, Meltio country manager in Italy says: “As a Meltio team, we are happy that our already long efforts to find a good partner in Italy have finally succeeded. Advanced Robotics represents a business that fits well with our philosophy. The experienced partner is focused on engineering and industrial solutions. Italy has been one of the world’s major players in industrial metalworking for many years – so it’s a good place for Meltio to grow”.

About Advanced Robotics:
Advanced Robotics is a team of engineers and specialized technicians to solve the most complex problems of our customers by designing, developing, and installing robotic plants ready to use for every necessity. Over thirty years of experience in the world of robotic applications are applied to the construction of systems for foundry, cutting and deburring, welding, quality control, CNC tending, handling, palletizing, and specialized systems based on every type of customer request.

The skills of our technicians are used in new sectors such as the exploitation of artificial intelligence for the quality control of every type of component and the integration of Meltio technology according to the needs of different clients, thus ensuring the quality and pace of production processes.

About Meltio:
Meltio takes metal additive manufacturing to the next level by developing high-performance, affordable, and easy-to-use metal 3D printing solutions using wire-laser metal deposition technology. The company’s mission is to delight customers, partners, and employees by pioneering the development of affordable metal 3D printing systems that are reliable, safe, and powerful, continually reinforcing their status as disruptors.

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